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CLEAR VISION - Windscreen / Glass Cleaner, formulated to work in automotive windscreen washer systems.
  • Originally formulated in 1985 this product was selected by Mazda Japan for use with Australian Mazda vehicles as it is one of the few products on the Australian market that performs well and is true to label. Although Mazda no longer carries our products, select Mazda dealers and other end users seek our product for its powerful properties.

    Young's don't advertise or water down products for a price, we sell by word of mouth usually from our satisfied customers.
    Our prices may be more than the competitors, but you are getting value for your money as you are not paying for the 
    advertising hype or being ripped off by diluted product that competitors sell as a way to recover their advertising costs.

    Young's Clear Vision is a blue coloured liquid and when added to the windscreen washer tank, assists insect and road grime removal.
    50ml to 100ml added to the windscreen washer tank / bottle (which holds 1-2 litres of water) assists the windscreen wiper washer
    to remove impacted insects, road grime and rain dust from the windscreen, leaving your windscreen clear and streak free.
    Clear Vision also has de-icing properties when used at 100ml to maximum 300ml dilution in washer tank / bottle.
    Assist the wiper blades remove any ice built up overnight or early morning on the windscreen / rear window.

    For best results follow directions as shown on label. Add no more than 300ml to each litre of washer water.
    Overdosing your system may cause, when used, excessive bubbles and cleaning smell to fill vehicle cabin.

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    How does it work?
    Any good cleaner must lift and gently remove the dirt and oily stains with minimum or no damage to the material being cleaned.
    Clear Vision is a concentrate and must be diluted with water in the washer bottle / tank. Clear Vision is a blend of dirt removers, 
    oil lifters and wetting agents; formulated to assist the wiper blades push away dirt, oilly road grim and insect remains.

    When squirting the windscreen with washer water containing Clear Vision the "removers" and "lifters" assists the wiper blades
    push the dirt and oil away, leaving you with a clear view through your windscreen. At higher concentrations Clear Vision has some 
    de-icing properties to help clear away ice which has built up over night or during rain / snow storm / cold snaps. It can help remove 
    that thin layer of ice on the windscreen when used in conjunction with your vehicle's wiper washer system, but too high a concentration
    may cause harm (water streaks) to painted surfaces. (We test each product on our own vehicles.)

    Water alone may do the same job, but it takes more water and may not leave the windscreen clear but with a smeared coating
    of insect remains and oilly road residue. It is the water that carries the debris away, the powerful dirt removers & oil lifters
    are formulated to evaporate quickly when exposed to moving air (e.g. driving 20+Km), so not to cause harm to the surrounding 
    painted surfaces and to leave a streak free, visually clean, windscreen.

    It is also important to check that your wiper blades are not damage along their cleaning edge, inspect and gently wipe with a cloth
    to remove any built up debris and replace the blades if damaged or cracking. Wiper blades are cheaper than a new windscreen...
    Product Life: - Clear Vision & Glass Cleaner
    Storage: (unopened)  2-3 years *
    In bottle (opened) 1-2 years * 
    In vehicle system  6-12 months

    * keep in a cool, dry, out of direct sunlight place, cap affixed.

    Glass cleaner / assists automotive windscreen washer systems debug / remove dirt.
    Can also be used to clean mirrors and other surfaces like chrome & stainless steel 
    to remove finger marks and other oily substances...

    Product Disposal:
    Container must NOT be used for any other purpose.
    Dispose of container thoughtfully.

    Safety Directions:
    Avoid contact with Skin, Eyes & Clothing.
    # Do not inhale mist, is dangerous if swallowed - store in a safe place.

    Usage Directions:
    Locate windscreen washer bottle and add 50ml to maximum 300ml of Clear Vision.
    If needed active washer system water spray to mix Clear Vision with washer water.

    # Glass Cleaner - spray on wait a moment and wipe off, repeat if necessary.
    The Glass Cleaner bottle has a fine mist trigger spray and foams on contact.
    Replace cap and store remainder of Clear Vision / Glass Cleaner in a safe place.

    First Aid: If swallowed give water to drink and if more than 15 minutes from hospital induce 
    vomiting, preferably using Ipecac Syrup (APF) if available. If inhaled, move to fresh air and
    if any ill affects persist after 15 minutes seek medical attention.
    If in eyes, hold eyes open & flood with clean water for 15 minutes, seek medical attention.
    On skin, wash with soap and water, seek medical attention if any irritation persists.

    GLASS CLEANER - Formulated to clean Glass, Mirror, Chrome & Stainless Steel as a spray on wipe off operation.

    Similar to our Clear Vision product, this heavy duty cleaner is for window glass and mirrors
    it will remove most water and oil based residues like finger marks, grime and dust, it also works on
    Chrome & Stainless Steel surfaces. Simply spray on, wait a moment and wipe off, repeat if necessary.

    The special spray nozzle causes the product to foam, so it can hang on to the surface and work harder.
    Formulated for ease of use and to prevent any streaking during the spray-on, wipe-off operation.

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    1 Litre
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    Workshop use
    25 x 8.5d cm
     20 Litres
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     Workshop use. 
     30 x 30 x 38cm 
    Product Life etc...
    See Clear Vision Above *

    Empty Bottles:
    You can obtain Young's uniquely shaped neck bottles available in 250ml, 500ml, and 1litre in Clear, Black and Natural plastic forms
    from Blowcon Plastics usually in minimum quantities of 5,000 unit lots or contact Young's for availability of smaller batch sizes.