Young's, Manufacturer of Quality Automotive Chemicals. Company Profile.
Company Profile
Young's MP - Have manufactured products for the automotive and other related industries since 1920
A wholly Australian owned company with over 80+ years of history in the automotive and chemical trades.
Our products are >95% Australian content, sold today throughout Australia and sought after for quality not price.
When we manufacture a product it must be -:
'Superior Quality'
'Perform true to label'
The modern motor vehicle is now better engineered, designed to meet specific conditions & standards and equally so must after market products, as our products do. Understandably the majority of people buy on price not quality, mainly not knowing which product is better or more appropriate for their needs. A stroll through the supermarket chains or auto' stores is confusing and there always appear to be a cheaper product stating it meets the current standards, but only afterwards you find out it didn't or not correct for your problem. Sadly these chains / stores concentrate on price and demand ever cheaper products, on behalf of their customers. However there is a limit of how cheap a product can be made and even in China the people there know if its too cheap it aint going to work...

We at Young's choose not to circum to this modern day trend to downgrade products for a price and we know this makes us uncompetitive in today's market place. Re-sellers may not wish to carry our products with a low turnover, so finding our products may be hard but each businesses listed on our distributor web page either carries or has access to the full range of our products. At best they will carry the products that have acceptable sales for them, you can always ask them to obtain any of our products or you can buy direct from Young's; however there are a minimum quantities and transport costs to think of.

To keep our costs down, we manufacture some of the products ourselves at our facilities and other products are made by others under license. All manufactured products are made under strict quality checks and all adhere to specific standards.

G.A.Kennedy - Director Young's...



Young's commenced trading in 1917 when Mr. Ernest Augustus Young started selling paint brushes. 
At this time the company was known as E.A.Young & Co. with business premises in Queen Street Melbourne.
Ernest soon expanded into paints and other products for the rapidly growing automotive trade and by 1920 was well recognised as a leading supplier. At this time canvas hoods were the norm and Ernest produced a "Canvas Hood Dressing" which gained acceptance as 'the one to buy'.  This product was exported throughout the world.

By 1930 Young's range had expanded to cover the needs of the developing automotive industry. The product range included items like distilled water, gasket cement, vulcanising heat patches, rust prevention and many more diverse products. Young's name then, was so well known in Australia and the world, that a letter could be addressed just "Young's Melbourne" and it would reach us...

Young's survived the great depression, but in 1939 the Australian government commandeered our factory with all plant and equipment, thus closing Young's for the duration of the 2nd world war. This did not stop Ernest, who continued to make products at home for the war effort. When his son, Lance, returned home from overseas war service in Singapore, the Young's factory was re-established in Canterbury Victoria, to regain markets lost in the 1940's...

By 1980 Lance Young wished to retire, his immediate family didn't want to continue the business and Lance believed Australia would loose a great asset if he just closed the company. So he sought to find someone within the motor trade who would uphold the Young's principles of product and service. After a long search the present owners, (since 1981) Allan Kennedy & Sons are proud and remain faithful to those valued principles. The acceptance of our products by the Australian, Japanese and European motor industry is largely due to our strict adherence to Ernest's original principles. Lance Young was retained as an active consultant until his death in October 1999, (Aged 84) and was very proud that a company his dad started 1917 was still going strong and has expanded into other related fields. We will miss Lance and his input on many aspects of company functions and product formulations...

In early 2002 Allan Kennedy suffered several heart attacks and a stroke and has retired, enjoying his twilight years at home and with family and friends.
In March 2004 Young's Easy Oils range of products was sold to Quick Smart Products, another family managed business with a long history of quality Australian made products and in September 2007, acquired the remainder of Young's chemical business, it's products and the "Motor Products" trading name to add to Quick Smarts growing list of specialised companies and niche products for the Australasian marketplace.